10 Mindblowing Facts That Only Mad Scientists Knew

We all have that one friend who blows us away with some never heard of facts. Call them a geek or nerd it feels great to hang out with such a person. However, it’s time to turn the tables, here I bring you some of the most fascinating and enthralling facts you might have ever heard or read.

Knowledge is power but cool facts make you coool, At least in the parties.

One Dollar Is the Oldest Design In Existence

The “one dollar bill” has been through thick and thin since it’s existence from 1963. Its design is the oldest still being used. Why don’t the government change it?  The Federal Reserve and the Bureau of Engraving don’t want to waste time with new security inputs on the bill as it won’t fetch a good return on investment on counterfeited bills.

When you shuffle a deck of cards, you actually make history

This does not mean that you are a pro at shuffling, it’s because there are infinite possibilities when you shuffle a 52-card deck. So next time you are shuffling, remember you are creating history!

Spit is a great pain reliever

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Human saliva includes a chemical called opiorphin. As per research, it is more effective painkiller than morphine. Opiorphin activates enkephalins, a natural opioid which is found in our spinal cord. Opiorphin prevents enkephalins from breaking down which results in a natural pain-relieving effect.

Your Tasty Food Item Won’t Be Tasty Forever

Like every other organ and biological substance in our bodies, our taste buds age as well. The number of taste buds on our tongue starts losing it’s capability once we hit 35. By the time we cross 60, we will lose more than half of our original taste buds. So better to eat your favorite foods to your brim now.

The Nose Sleeps Too

We get mad when there is a sense of touch, light, and sound when we are asleep. We wake up if any of the three occurs over some threshold. However, scientists have found out that our sense of smell doesn’t react that well when we sleep.

We Are Stardust


In an elemental level, Humans are basically made up of oxygen, carbon, iron, and calcium. And these elements pre-dates planet Earth. In fact, Scientists have proved that these elements were formed within the core of stars. As time passed, these elements spread across space and eventually reached our planet and we came into existence.

The heart produces enough energy to take a round trip to the moon

Our body is living biological machine with every organ working hard to get us through our day to day life. But one organ stands apart, our heart, the non-stop engine which creates so much energy in a single day that it could run a truck up to 20 miles. Over a lifetime, it is estimated that our heart produces enough energy to take a trip to the moon and

Use Your Knuckles As If Memory Sucks

It’s difficult for most of us to remember the number of days of different months. But there is an age-old technique that could help you. First, make a fist and start count the months using the knuckles on your hand, where each gap and bump represent a separate month.

Months ending with 31 days land on the knuckle bump while months having 30 days or fewer days lands on one of the gaps. Isn’t it cool?

The Friendship Paradox

On an average, most people have fewer friends than their friends have. This is a social phenomenon known as the “friendship paradox.” It was first noted by Sociologist Scott L. Feld back in 1991. There is actually a mathematical explanation for this but it’s better I should stick to just knuckle counting.

Clouds Can Be Heavier Than Jumbo Jets

Cute, cuddly clouds seem to be light as a feather and most of the time that is true. But sometimes they can get really heavy. Made of ice crystals and water droplets, a cumulus cloud could weigh around 550 tons, which is around 100 elephants or a Jumbo Jet.

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