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10 Reasons to Upgrade to iOS 13

IOS 13 is here, and there are a number of great features. We’ve been combing through the operating system to discover the finest hidden features in iOS 13. This page involves some fairly nifty characteristics, such as the capacity to access big portable information applications for OCR navigation in the Apple Notes tool. There are plenty of reasons to upgrade to iOS 13, and some of these hidden features might push you to upgrade if you haven’t already done that.

Here are 10 hidden iOS 13 features:

1. Easily switch Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices

Control Centre >tap and hold Wi-Fi icon> a list of Wi-Fi networks is shown. You can quickly connect to a Wi-Fi network right here instead of going via Settings. The same applies to Bluetooth as well — you can quickly connect or disconnect Bluetooth devices from here.

2. Silence unknown callers

Tired of spam calls from telemarketers? You can quickly silence calls from unknown numbers by going to Settings > Phone>enabling Silence Unknown Callers.

3. Download large apps on mobile data

Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store>Mobile Data section >App Downloads>Always Allow if you want to download all apps on mobile data. Always Ask will check whether you want to download apps on mobile data, and Ask If Over 200MB will only check if you want to download the app on mobile data if it is over 200MB.

4. Dual-SIM support for FaceTime and iMessage

You can now use both your linked phone numbers on FaceTime and iMessage, and make the most of your dual-SIM iPhone.

5. Improved Silent Mode display

Toggle the mute switch on your iPhone, and you’ll see iOS 13 telling you subtly that you’ve toggled silent mode on or off. This is much better than the large box that used to appear till iOS 12.

6. Much improved Messages search

The search box in Messages was never particularly useful. Now that has changed, it shows useful recent links, contacts, and doesn’t take an age to show basic search results. What’s not to like?

7. Lyrics synced with songs on Apple Music

If you use Apple Music, play any song, tap the player to make it full-screen. Now tap the Lyrics button on the bottom-left. This will play the lyrics and sync them with the song, which is really cool.

8. Low data mode

There’s a new low data mode on iOS 13. Go to Settings > Mobile data > Mobile data options. Here you can enable Low Data Mode to help apps reduce their mobile data usage.

9. Image OCR search in Notes

If you save a text image in the Notes app, it will kick in OCR or optical character recognition. Searching for text and appropriate pictures in the Notes app will also appear now.

10. Sending emoji

The iOS keyboard now has a dedicated emoji button. You can use it to submit emoji rapidly, and the globe icon is reserved for keyboard switching alone. The globe icon would have both emoji and keyboards earlier.

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