139 Deaths Reported in the US Due to COVID, Trump Stops Hoarding of Medical Supplies

Donald Trump, US President has issued an executive order to discourage the hoarding of essential medical supplies and personal protective equipment as the nation first reported more than 139 deaths in a day caused by a coronavirus.

More than 43,700 confirme coronavirus cases register in the United States till Monday. According to Worldometer, more than 10,000 of these add in one day, a website which compiles COVID-19 cases. The number of infect reach 550 with 139 deaths by Monday night.

Having sign the executive order, Trump states his administration to take action toward hoarding and unfair selling of essential medical and personal safety equipment, as well as items like hand sanitizers and face masks.

New York State, particularly New York City, has emerged as the hotspot of a recent memory of one of the worst public health crises in the US. Nearly one in every two novel coronavirus-infects Americans from New York City who report 5,085 news cases on Monday bringing the total to 20,875.

New York Under Alert Due to COVID

So far, as many as 157 New York residents have died from coronavirus. Of the city’s total deaths thus far, on Monday, 43 registers. Health officials warned that New York’s COVID-19-related casualty figures are likely to rise dramatically in the next few days.

Coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force Deborah L Birx spoke with the reporters. He said that New York City, New Jersey’s New York Metro and areas of Long Island had an attack rate. It is equivalent to one in 1,000. This is five times what is in other regions.

During a White House press conference, President Trump spoke with the reporters. New York is the highest priority for his administration. It is along with other hotspots such as Washington State and California.

He also stated that clinical trials would begin in New York. It is for existing drugs which could prove successful against the virus.

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