18 People Diagnose with COVID-19 after a Surprise Birthday Party in Texas

A sick family member and a surprise birthday party in Texas led to at least 18 people being diagnosed with coronavirus, including a life-struggling grandfather. Now, because of the increase in incidents, the Barbosa family needs us to continue to take care because the state is halting reopening plans. The family had gathered last month for a party to celebrate the birthday of a relative. On Friday, Chance O’Shel, a relative, told CBS News that eight family members contracted the virus, and at least 10 friends have contracted it with a total of 18 People being infected.

Ron Barbosa was not present at the event, told the Associated Press. It is that his nephew is infecting with the virus unknowingly and organizing the gathering. The nephew had communicated with a number of relatives who contracted the virus and then transmitted it to others. His father, Frank, would soon celebrate their 68th anniversary with his mother, Carole. But they’re focusing on his health, instead.

Barbosa had pleaded online for blood plasma donations for his father. Frank Barbosa, from recovered COVID-19 patients and eventually he got it. Nonetheless, the wellbeing of the elder Barbosa, who is going “downhill” according to O’Shel’s Facebook page. Nurses have been asking for a ventilator and feeding tube.

In both positive COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, Texas is currently experiencing an increase. Texas Governor Greg Abbot said the state would delay further stages on Thursday as it fights the surge.

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