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New COVID-19 Cases Reported by World Health Organization

More than 183000 new COVID-19 cases in the latest 24 hours, the World Health Organization today announced the highest single-day rise in cases of coronavirus by its count. The UN health agency said Brazil led the way with 54,771 cases reported, with the US next at 36,617. In India, more than 15,400 New COVID-19 Cases have been recorded. Experts said that increasing numbers of cases can represent several factors, including more extensive testing and wider infection.

Overall, mostly during a pandemic, the WHO recorded 8,708,008 cases – 183,020 in the last 24 hours – with 461,715 deaths worldwide, and a rise of 4,743 every day. In the Americas, more than two-thirds of those new deaths have been registered. In Oklahoma, the number of newly confirmed cases of coronavirus set a new daily record of 478.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health department confirmed recently that total confirmed cases rose to 10,515 from 10,037 a day earlier. The state’s previous record of 450 new cases in one day was set Thursday. After reporting 2952 new ones, Arizona has now passed the 50,000 mark in confirmed COVID-19 cases. Arizona registered yesterday record new cases numbered 3109, Friday 3246 and Thursday 2519. Health officials ascribed the increases to more extensive testing and virus spreading to the community.

Florida Reports 3500 More New Cases

In the meantime, nearly 3500 more new cases of coronavirus have been reported in Florida as public health officials reissued advisories urging social distancing. The number of new cases reported today was a drop from the previous day’s record-high of 4000.

South Korea continues to suffer to contain a coronavirus outbreak that has wiped out some of the hard-won pandemic advances from the nation since mid-April relaxed social distancing laws. 48 new COVID-19 cases confirmed by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, raising the total caseload to 12,421 infections, with 280 deaths.

The agency says that 24 of the new cases are in the region of Seoul, which since late May has been the centre of the country’s outbreak. Nevertheless, ten of the new cases are from Daejeon’s central city, indicating that the virus is beginning to spread broader. Spain’s national state of emergency ceased to rein in its COVID-19 outbreak after three months of movement restrictions.

Spain Revokes Quarantine

As of Sunday, 47 million Spaniards would be able to freely move from around the entire country for the first time because the government declared an emergency on March 14. In recent weeks, the lockout steps have been slowly scaled back. Travellers from European countries, including Britain, can now also enter Spain without a 14-day quarantine.

The quarantine rule still applies to countries outside the Schengen region, except for the UK. Spain hopes that it will be able to save part of its summer tourist season which supports a huge part of its business. In public spaces where it is difficult to guarantee a distance of 1.5 meters from anyone, Spaniards are often obliged to wear face masks indoors and outdoors.

25 new confirmed cases reported by Chinese authorities – 22 in Beijing and 3 in neighbouring Hebei province. They say that 2.3 million people test in an effort to contain the capital outbreak that leads to the closure of its largest wholesale food market. China, where the outbreak started in December, had eased travel and business controls as new cases slipped. But, following the recent jump in infections, monitoring and some other restrictions re-impose.

Beijing Health Commission Avoids Reporting New COVID-19 Cases

The Beijing Health Commission did not give any details as to where the most recent cases could have originated. No new coronavirus deaths record in Scotland or Northern Ireland in the past 24 hours. Official figures suggest more evidence that COVID-19 spread is slowing in the UK. The government said today that in the past 24 hours, 43 deaths have been recorded. This is in all settings across the UK, bringing the official pandemic death toll to 42,632 in the country.

The daily COVID-19 mortality figure is among the lowest on record in the country. Although numbers often fall on weekends due to delays in death registration. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says his government will weigh possible steps. It is to stop the spread of coronavirus after Israel has seen a major upturn.

Israel alone has 20,000 cases reported of coronavirus, with new cases leaping by more than 300 in recent days. At least 305 people have died with COVID-19 since the country’s outbreak began in March. Italy’s Ministry of Health is asking government advisers to evaluate new recommendations. It is from the World Health Organization that people with COVID-19. It may come out of isolation even before they test negative for the virus.

This week, the WHO said patients who have spent 10 consecutive days in isolation. It is with symptoms may be released if they are then at least three days free of symptoms. Previously, WHO only recommended ending the isolation of infected individuals. It is after they tested negative twice on samples taken apart for 24 hours.

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