19-Year-Old Girl Killed in Chicago

A 19-year-old Indian-American student was assaulted and then strangled to death in Chicago, police said of a brutal killing in the United States that shocked the community.

The teen was found dead on Saturday in the back seat of a family-owned vehicle in a campus garage, originally from Hyderabad and an honor student at the University of Illinois.

The attacker, Donald Thurman, 26, was arrested from a metro station in Chicago on Sunday. He’s not part of the university. He was formally charged on Monday with assassination at first degree and aggravated sexual assault.

The medical examiner ruled the death of the woman as a “strangulation homicide.”

The university said the girl’s family did not hear from her since Friday and reported to the University Police on Saturday.

Police Investigate on the Girl’s Murder Case

The cops then asked the FBI Evidence Response Team for assistance in handling the crime scene and completing forensics on the vehicle.

Video footage from the offender’s existing university cameras shows him walking behind the teen on Saturday, according to the university.

At about 1:35 a.m., she entered the house, followed by the suspect. The suspect will be seen again at 2:10 am driving on Halsted Street on video footage.

Police then reviewed the Chicago Transit Authority’s video footage. They also saw the Chicago POD cameras and their internal system. This process was to determine the offender’s travel pattern.

During the hours the suspect had already driven on the Blue line. Police detectives decided to watch the Blue line station based on the findings.

Donald Thurman has a criminal history. Police arrest him in Halsted and Harrison streets near the Blue Line train station on Sunday. He is in custody and thereafter gave this horrific crime a full confession.

“The 19-year-old had dreams and aspirations of becoming a health professional and helping others. Our thoughts, hearts, and prayers are with her family and friends during this difficult time. University Chancellor Michael D Amiridis said in a statement.

“The yellow ribbon is the color of her favorite color,” a fellow student spoke. “They just asked if we were able to tie them in their memory somewhere on campus.”

the girl’s former gymnastics team coach gave a statement to ABC7. He said that she is a “sweet girl” with the “brightest smile” and will be missed dearly.



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