200 Australians Fly Back Home After 14 Days in Quarantine

After 14 days in quarantine, more than 200 Australians were flying back home on remote Christmas Island due to fears of coronavirus. On 3 February, all 200 Australians were evacuated from China’s Hubei province-the epicentre of the deadly outbreak. They were taken to six cities across Australia with no cases reported during the minimum required time. Several of the returnees, such as children, expressed relief, stating that they were finally happy to be home.

The virus infected more than 70,600 people across China, with 1,771 deaths. Most of the new cases and deaths in the past 24 hours register in Wuhan, the largest town in Hubei. The new coronavirus detects in more than two dozen countries worldwide. Australia’s with 15 cases among them. Five deaths register outside of mainland China-in France, Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan. The virus COVID-19 triggers acute respiratory disease.

After moving to Hubei with her two children, Ms Chen, who operates a childcare centre in Western Australia, separate from her husband for a month. When Mel Pleno and his wife and three children arrived back in Sydney. No repatriates allow taking any further exams.

A remote island is an outside Australian territory, nearly 2,700 km (1,680 miles) from the mainland, and is popular for its offshore detention centre.

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