2020 US Election Date Confirmed on November 3: Donald Trump Advisers

Sunday’s campaign by the White House and Donald Trump pursued to shut down the Republican president’s ramblings on delaying the 2020 vote, saying November 3rd will be an election. Staff chief of the White House Mark Meadows said Trump raised questions about mail-in ballots when he floated the possibility of stopping elections in the US.

Trump on Thursday proposed delaying the US elections, a proposal that both Democrats and his fellow Republicans in Congress unanimously opposed-the the only branch of government with the power to make such a move. Critics and even allies of Trump dismissed the notion as a false attempt to distract from disastrous economic news, but some legal experts cautioned that his repeated attacks could weaken the confidence of his supporters in the election process.

The Republican president has attempted to undermine trust in mail-in balloting. Also, consistently alleging and without proof that it would result in widespread voter fraud. Meadows took up the cause of his boss on Sunday, stressing that the mail-in ballots. It must be properly handled without presenting proof that they were not in the past.

Republican Governor Confirmation

Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson told CNN on Sunday. The election was due to take place on time, and it was up to states. It is to ensure that the ballot was properly conducted.

The coronavirus crisis expects to cause a surge in November ‘s mail voting. State election officers are working to ensure that tens of millions of ballots are able to reach voters in time. It is for voting and returns in time for counting. Miller criticized states like Nevada ‘s attempts to extend mail-in ballots during crises. It includes the coronavirus outbreak, as well as other states that would count postmarked Nov. 3 ballots that arrive after Election Day. Trump calls for a lawsuit file early on Sunday to combat legislative attempts by Nevada to expand mail-in balloting.

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