2,500 People Gathered in Washington State Capitol to Protest Against Stay at Home

An approximate 2,500 people gathered in Washington State Capitol on Sunday to protest the stay-at-home order of Democratic Governor Jay Inslee to restrict the spread of coronavirus, defying a ban on 50 or more people’s gatherings. Amid appeals from protest leaders, many did not wear face coverings or masks.

Police counted with 2,500 People, making it one of the biggest anti-lockdown marches in US states over the past week. In Olympia, during the novel coronavirus pandemic hundreds clustered in close quarters on the steps of the capitol building and around a fountain, in contravention of state and federal health guidelines.

Protesters were driving cars to the capital of the state, hanging horns and blocking the road.

Crowds gathered on the capitol grounds during the rally’s scheduled conclusion. But no summons was given by Washington state police, spokesman Chris Loftis has said. Trump tweeted on Friday support for parallel demonstrations in Michigan. Also, Minnesota and Virginia to “liberate” them from the laws of social isolation.

Earlier on Sunday, Inslee said state-run Republican lawmakers endorsed revolt. It is against its social-distancing laws that shut down the economy in large part.

The state of Washington saw the first reported outbreak of coronavirus in the country. It is in late January and the first deadly cluster in a nursing home south of Seattle.

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