30-Year-Old Texas Man Passes Away After Attending a Party Named ‘COVID-19’

A 30-year-old Texas man died from the novel coronavirus after attending a party named “COVID-19” hosted by an infected male, a doctor has reported, highlighting the danger to younger people. Jane Appleby, chief medical officer at San Antonio’s Methodist Hospital, said the man believed the virus was a hoax, even though it has killed more than 135,000 people in the United States so far.

Appleby said the young people are also unaware of how ill they are.

On Sunday, the Trump administration again called for full school reopenings in the fall, just as resurgent coronavirus outbreaks — many of which blamed younger people — and a recent increase in Florida cases raise more concerns about the country’s attempts to quench the disease. The United States has the highest caseload and death rate in the world by far.

Dr Appleby made this case public, as the increase continues to grow in cases in Bexar County, Texas.

In addition, she said the levels of positivity has risen to 22 per cent. It’s a rate determined by evaluating 100 city citizens and then seeing what per cent positive COVID check.

18000 Cases Reported

Bexar County reported nearly 18,000 cases and more than 1,200 patients in the hospital system on Thursday evening alone. Over the weekend, confirmed more than 1,000 COVID-19 events and 18 deaths for San Antonio, Bexar County. City officials announced 535 new cases and nine fatalities on Saturday. Authorities confirmed 511 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday and a further 9 deaths. That leads to 1,046 COVID-19 incidents and 18 deaths for the city in just two days.

For Sunday’s nine deaths, Mayor Nirenberg said in a Facebook post that all patients had underlying health problems, including five females and four men. Four in their 80s, three in their 70s and one in their 50s. 6,182 patients had recovered as of Sunday and 13,282 patients are still sick. COVID-19 related hospitalizations are also on the rise, and the capacity available at the hospitals in the region is declining.

As of Sunday, city officials stated hospitals in Bexar County had just 10 per cent of the capacity available. Currently, hospitals care for 1,265 COVID-19 patients, reports the region. Of the patients hospitalized, 419 are on ICU, and 246 are on ventilators. There are 387 beds available for workers, or 10%, and 373 fans, or 47%. Houston city leaders called for lockout on Sunday as local hospitals struggle to handle the COVID-19 patient attack.

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