A Note Written By Albert Einstein To An Italian Chemistry Student Elisabetta Piccini In 1921 Is Today’s Sensation

One cannot turn a page in science without witnessing a mention of 20th Century’s most interesting and ingenious personality Albert Einstein. His contribution to the field of science is priceless and his theories undoubtedly pushed the boundaries by multiple times.

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From the very early years of his death, many accessories belonging to him were often placed for auction. Now, again, the letters and note written by him to an Italian Chemistry student Elisabetta Piccini are out for auction. The photographs of the antiques surfaced the Internet and are taking the Internet by storm.

As per the sources, this note is written by Einstein himself in 1921. The student belongs to Italy’s prominent place Florence. This note was auctioned in Jerusalem on March 6, 2018.

It read, “To the scientific researcher, at whose feet I slept and sat for two full days, as a friendly souvenir,” in his native German, signed and dated October 1921, which fetched $6,100 at Winner’s Auctions & Exhibitions in Jerusalem.

A note written by Albert Einstein to Italian chemistry student Elisabetta Piccini in Florence, Italy, in 1921 is seen before it is sold at an auction in Jerusalem

The auction house said Einstein, then 42 and soon to win the Nobel Prize, wrote the letter to Elisabetta Piccini, a chemistry student half his age who lived one floor above his sister, Maja, in Florence.

During a visit to the city, “Einstein was very interested in meeting her. However, Elisabetta was introverted and too shy to meet with such a famous person,” Winner’s said on its website.

Also sold on Tuesday for $103,000 was a 1928 note in which the auction house said Einstein outlined ideas for his “Third Stage of the Theory of Relativity”. A 1946 English-language letter of encouragement that he penned to an American World War Two veteran who aspired to be a scientist also fetched $6,100.

Last October, Winner’s sold another Einstein letter, a 1922 meditation on happiness that he wrote upon learning he had won the Nobel, for $1.3 million.

CEO of Winner’s Auctions and Exhibitions, Gal Weiner said, “The note that Einstein wrote to this lady is very surprising. We see a man as big as Einstein that has weakness of a human being and he writes a letter to a lady that he never met.”


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