Actor Chris Evans Sweet Gesture to a 6-Year Old

Actor Chris Evans, best known as “Captain America’,’ made a boy’s day of six years by giving him a personalized video message lauding his brave act of saving his younger sister from a dog attack. He also promised to give him an authentic shield for Captain America. The young boy ‘s aunt (Cheyenne’s Bridger Walker) shared on Instagram the story of how the boy rescued his sister on July 9 and was seriously wounded in the process, as per the Hollywood Reporter.

She shared a story on Sunday’s photo-sharing website and also posted a few photos of the brother-sister pair as well as pictures of Walker ‘s facial injuries.

Moved by the story of the little boy, Evans made a direct video message. It is in which he thanked the boy for what he did. Also, how he is no less than a superhero. He also offered to give an authentic “Captain America” shield to the young kid. It is as a reward for his courageous selfless act. The aunt posted the video clip Evans sent to the young boy on her Instagram page.

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There are no words. We are so, so thankful.

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Towards the end, the 39-year-old actor told the kid that he was giving him the shield of “Captain America”.

It is because the world needs more Bravehearts like the little kid.

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