Alexander Vindman Removed From his Post in White House

Now as the US President Donald Trump is free from the impeachment trial, he is rebuking all those who backstab him. One of those is and US Army officer. Donal Trump has apparently ousted him from his job in White House on Friday. Alexander Vindman, who is Lieutenant Colonel use to work on the National Security Council as director of European affairs. He, along with his lawyer, was forced out of the White House.

On July 25 Alexander Vindman was on phone call. He heard Trump asking Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukrainian President to start an investigation on his opponent in election Joe Biden.

Congress calls Volodymyr Zelensky to testify at the House impeachment hearings against Trump. There he states that Trump’s actions are “improper.” Vindman previously sufferes a Purple Heart for wounds in Iraq.

Apart from Alexander Vindman, Donald Trump’s party member Mitt Romney also went against him. During the impeachment voting, Romney had voted to get Trump impeached for the charges of abuse of powers.

This led to Trump ousting him and removing him from his party for backstabbing him. Also, Trump posted a video on Twitter on Romney referring him to infiltrate Trump’s administration. Further, Trump calls him a “Democrat secret asset”.




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