Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Tomatoes – Nutrition Facts Of Tomatoes

For many of us, tomatoes are just as every vegetable is, but if you don`t wonder to hear that this regular veggie have some super benefits for your health. There are a lot of benefits with tomatoes if they are consumed raw or cooked. Let us see some of the benefits of Tomato.


The beauty secrets of tomato are being talked about all over the World. By consuming tomatoes and tomato products, you enable your skin to suck in more of oxygen which defer aging of your skin and makes it less prone to wrinkles. It not only helps in providing brighter skin complexion but also make your skin tighter and prettier.

A Filling Food: Tomato is a filling food as it has the high water content which will help your skin to healthy always.


Maintain Bone Strength: Tomatoes will help you maintain the bone strength with all the essential nutrients like Vitamin K and Calcium.


Reduce Blood Pressure: Since Tomatoes are high in potassium which is the main cause of blood pressure. It will fight against the sodium to maintain the blood pressure levels.



Good for Heart: Tomatoes are good for the heart as it reduces the blood pressure and maintains the cholesterol levels under control.


Excellent for Kidney: The ability of tomatoes to bring out the excess sodium in the body is good for kidney health.

Good for diabetic: As they have Vitamin A, E, C and iron which can improve the production of HDL instead of LDL for diabetic patients.

Helps weight loss: People who are looking some recipes for weight loss they can include more quantity of tomatoes so that they can lose weight easily.


Reduces Cancer Risk: The research says that, tomatoes can reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer. A tomato has high amounts of carotenoids, beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, lycopene etc.

Glowing skin: Tomato is very good for your skin. You can mash tomato into the smooth paste and apply it on your face. Let it dry for some time and wash it with warm water. This can make your skin glow.


Increase the sperm count: Tomatoes could increase the sperm count in males as it deals with any kinds of impotence problem.

Work as Antioxidants: Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants like lycopene which fights for good health and maintain the cells

Repair Cells: As it contains the powerful antioxidants it plays a major role in repairing the damaged cells with the presence of lycopene.

Prevent Stroke: The diets that are rich in tomatoes can prevent the heart strokes as they are rich in lycopene in it.

Reduce blood clots: Tomato juice can reduce the blood clots and unwanted blockage to maintain heart health.

Prevents Constipation: Regular use of tomatoes can improve the functioning of digestive system and liver to prevent the constipation problems.

Improve Vision:

Tomatoes can increase the vision as they are rich in Vitamin A that is good for eyes. Thiamine plays a major role in improving your sight.

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