businessLatest Inc. Asks Employees to Uninstall Tik Tok App Inc. on July 10 has asked workers to uninstall the TikTok video-sharing app from their mobile devices on “security threats” according to a Reuter’s employee memo.

Representatives of did not return calls for comments.

One of the fastest rising digital channels in history, the Chinese-owned social media site TikTok faces intense scrutiny outside of China. India outlawed TikTok in June, and other Chinese devices.

A.S. State secretary Mike Pompeo said Washington was considering banning TikTok in the United States earlier this week.

In March, two Republican senators introduced a bill to prohibit federal workers. It is from using TikTok on their government-issued phones. Thus, in the face of increasing national security concerns regarding gathering. Also, exchanging data regarding U.S users with the government of China. Last year the U.S Navy removed TikTok. It is from government-issued mobile devices. Also, claiming that the short video app posed a “cybersecurity danger.”

Last November, the U.S. government conducted a national security analysis. It is of TikTok owner Beijing ByteDance Technology Co’s $1 billion purchase. Thus, of the U.S. social networking app, Reuters first reported last year.

Apart from this, India has already banned Tik Tok and other 59 apps. They are made by China due to the ongoing cold war and attack on Indian soldiers.

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