Amazon Confirms Employee Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Amazon informed its workers on Tuesday that the coronavirus has been tested positively by one of its Seattle employees. In an email to employees checked by The Seattle Times, Amazon said the worker was in the Seattle office downtown at the company, and on Feb. 25 he went homesick. The employee has yet to go back to work.

The organization said Tuesday it received confirmation that the employee had screened the coronavirus positively. Amazon reports the situation to The Hill, saying in a statement that it is “supporting the employee who is in quarantine.”

The letter to the Amazon workers states that the tech giant alerts employees who come in close contact with the infect employee and that the risk of transmission to employees who stay away from the employee is “estimate small.”

The organization quantified the “close contact”. This is as having worked for an extended period of time closer than 6 feet to the ill employee.

Previously two Amazon workers test positive with coronavirus in Italy. The state of Washington has seen the largest surge in virus outbreaks. This is with the highest number of confirmed cases in the state at 27. So far nine people have died in the state.

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