Amazon in Huge Demand Due to Coronavirus

As hunkered-down customers gradually turn to the tech giant for everything from toilet tissue to streaming television, Amazon is finding itself in a new position in the coronavirus crisis. Amazon’s vast network has spent years constructing warehouses, shipping, storing, and cloud storage, making the business a vital part of the crisis.

Consumers would have high hopes in a time when many are limited to their homes that Amazon would come through to fulfil their needs and expectations. Amazon, which increased its food operations with the purchase of the Whole Foods supermarket chain, has changed its goals in recent days to help customers get the essentials and medical supplies needed for households.


This week, Amazon raised salaries and set out to recruit 100,000 more US employees. It is to add about 800,000 to its global workforce to cope. This is with an online shopping boom sparked by coronavirus fears. The Seattle-based company plans to spend more than $350 million. It is on bumping up the hourly wage for staff and partners in fulfilment centres. Also, involves logistics operations and stores in North America and Europe.


As per research firm eMarketer, Amazon reports for some 37 per cent of U.S. e-commerce revenues. It is the largest cloud computing organization controlling online operations worldwide. It is including for companies such as the competing streaming network Netflix.

Amazon Suppliers Increase Items Price

Amazon is a sanctuary for people unwilling. If it scares people to go out to shops because of COVID, it gets new customers. It also becomes a more reinforced habit, potentially improving its reputation at a time when Big Tech is in flames.


Moorhead used Amazon to bring food to his home. It ensconced octogenarian father and his in-laws, seniors “hiding out” in a house on the lakeside. This week, Amazon said that it was reconfiguring its services. It is slowing down some deliveries to support people with more pressing needs.


The company also policing the site. It is by suppliers stockpiling prize items such as respiratory masks and hand sanitizers to counter price-gouging efforts.


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