American Citizens to Evacuate from Diamond Princess Cruise Ship

The US government is planning to evacuate American citizens onboard the cruise ship Diamond Princess, the site of most coronavirus infections reported outside of China and reportedly quarantined off Japan, reported the Wall Street Journal.

Around 380 people will be given seats on two flights back to the United States and could return home as early as Sunday, the newspaper said, adding that flights will not accommodate those with fever, cough or other symptoms.

Displace people will have extra health checks in the U.S. and some expect to undergo a compulsory quarantine that is likely to take place for 14 days, said Henry Walke, an official at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The CDC was not available immediately to comment. Governments in the US and Japan said they were in close contact with each other. They refused to confirm the story.

One US passenger, Sawyer Smith, 25, told Reuters. It announces from the captain later that passengers inform there would be. The possibility of perhaps more quarantine time seemed to scare many.

The quarantine of the cruise liner to expire on February 19. The cruise ship Diamond Princess owns by Carnival Corp, quarantine since it arrives in Yokohama on Feb. 3 after infecting with the virus by a man who disembarks in Hong Kong before heading to Japan. At the time, it had about 3,500 passengers and crew on board. 218 of whom screened the coronavirus infection positively and are now in Japanese hospitals.

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