Antarctic Continent Records 18.3 Degrees Temperature

An Antarctic research base has recorded the hottest temperature ever. This has made scientists think about the effect of global warming on the Antarctic continent. Also, the temperature is melting the south pole ice sheets.

The northern tip of the Antarctic peninsula has an Esperanza base which recorded 18.3 degrees Celsius (64.94 degrees Fahrenheit) temperature. According to the World Meteorological Organization, this is the highest record of temperature ever. On Thursday, at the Argentine base, the temperature records.

Antarctic Continent

Scientists assume the effect of global warming is the main caused. It has lead to melt the giant ice sheet at the south pole. So, this would lead to risen global sea-level for at least three meters i.e at least 10 feet which have never happened over centuries.

The temperature logs by Argentina’s national meteorological service. Hence, the WMO committee has decided to verify it. This is the newest record in the Antarctic continent. Previously, in January 1982 the Antarctic continent recorded 19.8 degrees C temperature.

Antarctic Continent

So, the concern is majorly over the main glacier tributaries located at the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. So, in particular, the focus is on Pine Island glacier. Also, this is where scientists spot two large rifts in 2019 to some 20 kilometres long.


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