Artificial Intelligence Applications Used in Business

Understanding how your business can benefit from artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) may seem like a daunting task. But for those technologies, there are a myriad of Artificial Intelligence Applications that you can implement to make your life easier.

The company will benefit from AI and ML as it becomes more effective at its activities and removes those mundane tasks that seem to slow you down. Furthermore, AI-powered software and automated systems will help your business make better use of its resources, with visible effects on your end result.

Artificial intelligence’s changed the market environment drastically. What began as a rule based automation can now imitate human interaction. Artificial intelligence is not just the human-like skills that make it unique. An advanced AI algorithm offers far better speed and reliability than its human counterparts at a much lower cost.

5 Artificial Intelligence Applications Used in Business:

Nowadays artificial intelligence is not just a theory. Indeed it has a lot of practical applications. A 2016 study by Gartner indicates that by 2020, at least 30 per cent of businesses worldwide will use AI in at least one fragment of their sales process. Company around the globe today leverages artificial intelligence to automate their operation and harvest higher incomes and profits. We were reaching out to some industry experts to share their views on artificial intelligence applications. Here are the perspectives we got:

1. Chatbots:

Artificial intelligence remains a hot topic in the field of technology as well as growing its introduction into other domains such as healthcare, business, and gaming. AI-powered business chatbots will also see an influx of people becoming more familiar with how AI can actually benefit businesses vs, say, taking away their jobs. From an analytical perspective, AI can be integrated into applications to improve how the data is interpreted and understood.

Chatbots, in particular, are always on, providing smart and versatile analytics through interactions on mobile devices using regular messaging tools and voice-activated interfaces. This significantly reduces the time for all business users to collect data, thus increasing business speed and streamlining the way analysts use their time, preparing companies for the and data needs of business users

2. Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce:

Artificial Intelligence technology provides the e-commerce companies with a competitive edge and becomes readily available to businesses of any scale or budget. Leveraging machine learning, AI software automatically identifies, organizes and scans content visually by tagging the image or video features.

AI lets shoppers discover related products whether they are size, colour, shape, or even brand. Each year the AI visual capabilities are improving. The software can successfully assist the customer in finding the product they want by first obtaining visual indications from the uploaded imagery. Some e-commerce companies with their AI technologies are already becoming more advanced and I only expect this to grow in the future.

3. AI to Improve Workplace Communication:

Current business communication is overloaded with content, channels, tools, and so-called solutions, depriving individuals (and businesses) of reaching goals while also harming the balance between work and life. Artificial Intelligence can help companies improve communication internally and externally by allowing personalized flexibility for each employee, thereby facilitating increased focus and productivity.

With such AI personalization, each individual will be empowered by an intelligent virtual assistant, helping to take care of mundane or repeatable tasks, saving time by understanding your needs and goals, as well as recommending next-best action to take… as much more efficient use of time, without requiring any extra effort. Business processes will improve in the short to long term, innovation will grow as employees clear their tasks, and stress can diminish.

4. Human Resource Management:

Learning AI and Machine will dramatically and irrevocably change how HR and recruiting work in every company and that’s going to be awesome. Nonetheless, HR is likely to be one of the first business sectors to profit from AI for two simple reasons. Firstly, there are lots of high-quality data in HR. Secondly, HR is one aspect of any business that is both important and time-consuming.

If it is possible to automate aspects of hiring and HR jobs, the HR staff can have the freedom. This is to work directly with people. This is in the company or prospective hires, investing the quality human time necessary for a successful HR department. It may seem paradoxical but Artificial Intelligence in an organization is integrating in HR, the more’ real’ it can be.

5. AI in Healthcare:

Artificial intelligence will have a major impact on the healthcare industry in the year ahead. Particularly in the next five to ten years. Also, the ways in which healthcare-related companies use AI. Here’s a short note from Redivus Health CEO Dr Jeff Dunn. Redivus Health is a transformative mobile app that healthcare providers use. It is to prevent medical errors by offering both clinical decision support. This is during critical medical events, as well as electronically documenting such events in real-time.

AI provides our framework with opportunities to take the data that we have obtained from patients. Also, to be able to innovate clinically and improve patient outcomes even more. AI increases efficiency and patient safety in terms of reliability, predictability and accuracy. AI, as applied to machines, is used as a decision increase tool for us. But without human interaction and guidance it should not have free reign. While it can not replace doctors and nurses, it can make them more effective. Also, efficient and happier at work as it takes away from our caregivers the cognitive pressure. It increases morale and decreases stress and anxiety as well.


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