Artificial Intelligence Helps Chinese Officials Get Coronavirus Data

In order to keep a track on all those who travel to China from other countries or travel to other countries are under thorough tracking by the Chinese officials. To keep all recent travel records of those quarantined or infected or for preventing the coronavirus from spreading, data tracking and artificial intelligence is the main key.

The shocking incident, a man travelled to Wuhan from Nanjing, eastern Jiangsu province was shocked to see police at his doorstep after he returned home. The police asked him to corporate as they test him for the coronavirus. The man states that he did not inform anyone about his recent visit to China. He was confused about how the officials found about his travel data.

According to an article posted by the Nanjing government, local authorities state that they are keeping a tab on all travel data of those travelling from flights. Hence, the officers were able to identify the man and his address.

Despite taking of many measures the death toll reaches to 722 and infects 30,000. Hence, Chinese authorities took the help of Beijing. It is using tracking and artificial intelligence to find and prevent potential infections.

apart from that, several Chinese tech firms developed many apps. The applications help people to avoid travelling with those infected. The passengers can check the list of those with symptoms. The data in the app is scraping data provided by state media.

In the southern province of Guangzhou, at one plaza robots are in place which scolds people for not wearing masks.

Also, in an apartment in Beijing, the one neighbourhood committee keeps track of all recent travel record. List of all flight and train data is with them.

Baidu Introduces Scanners to Test Travellers

A system develops in Beijing by Baidu, a Chinese search giant. It screens all Qinghe railway station travellers with help of infrared and face detection technology. It then automatically takes the passenger’s photo. With this, if any person has a temperature of 37.3 degrees Celsius (99 degrees Fahrenheit) or above an alarm is off. Immediately the station staff rush to check the person. Hence, all the passengers ask by the railway personnel to slow down as they go through Baidu’s system.

As per reports by the company, compared to the thermal scanners at airports, the system in the station can check more than 200 people in a minute.

An Artificial Intelligence firm, Megvii has developed a system similar to that of Baidu. The Megvii system in use at the Beijing subway station. The company is in blacklist in October by the US for rights abuses.

Apart from fever detection, the Chinese tech firms developed drone deliveries for medicines to mapping the Wuhan virus spread.

So, in Beijing, few neighbourhoods are asking residents to scan a QR code. Also, this is to fill their personal details like phone number and address. Another form also asks for modes of transport like a licence plate or flight number only if they planning to travel or if they have travelled in past.


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