Bangladesh Boat Carrying 130 Rohingya Muslim Refugees Capsized, 15 Dead

A Bangladesh coast guard official stated that a boat carrying 130 Rohingya refugees capsized in the Bay of Bengal on Tuesday. As per the officials, 15 people lost their lives and more than 12 people have been missing. The boat capsized on the way to Malaysia.

Hamidul Islam, an official states that rescuers saved 73 refugees. The boat began it a journey on Tuesday from Bangladesh camps near the resort town of Cox’s Bazar.

Islam adds a second boat carrying the same number of passengers started its journey from Bangladesh. However, coast guards are unable to trace the second boat.

Out of the rescued refugees was a woman, Rajuma Akhtar who was moving to Malaysia for a better life with her husband. The woman’s husband, Akhtar shifted to Malaysia 5 years ago.

The joint rescue operation was conducted together by two coast guard ships and Bangladesh naval vessels. At the tip of southeastern Bangladesh near Saint Martin’s Island, rescue operation took place. Out of 73 refugees rescued include 46 women, 24 men and 3 children. Those who lost their lives included women and children, Islam adds.

Previously in 2017, Myanmar’s military forced more than 730,000 Rohingya Muslims to move to Bangladesh. But, when the UN accused Myanmar of setting up military waged campaign against Rohingya Muslims, the nation denied.

Bangladesh Boat Capsized

Rohingya Muslim Travel to Malaysia with Fake Documents

A humanitarian agency, Save the Children called the tragic incident as a “wake up call”. It also urged the Myanmar government to help Rohingya Muslims return to their homes safely.

Last year in November, 122 Rohingya Muslim refugees were saved by the Bangladesh coast guard, when a boat in which they were travelling to Malaysia started sinking. The boat travelling from the Bay of Bengal faced mechanical problem due to which it started sinking.

After Bangladesh, Malaysia is the second-largest home for more than 100,000 refugees.

From November-March, hundreds of refugees pay smugglers by giving fake documents to travel to Malaysia. Many traffickers lure the refugees making them board overcrowded boats.

In 2019, Authorities prevented more than 600 Rohingya Muslims, mostly girls from travelling to Malaysia and stopped them from making risked sea voyages. Further, in Cox’s Bazar, more than seven suspect traffickers including two Rohingya Muslims lost lives in the clash.



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