Beijing Health Officials Decide to Avoid Wearing Face Masks as COVID Count Decreases

Beijing Health Officials have eliminated a rule for people to wear outdoor masks, further easing rules to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus after 13 consecutive days without new cases were registered by the government. In Beijing on Friday, a large proportion of people continued to wear masks despite the relaxed guidelines.

Some said the mask made them feel safe. It is while others said societal factors were also a factor in wearing the masks. It’s the second time that Beijing Health Officials have relaxed mask-wearing rules in the capital. This has largely returned to normal after two rounds of lockdowns that brought it to a standstill. Beijing’s Municipal Centers for Disease Control first said people could go out in late April without masks in outdoor areas. But the rules quickly reverse in June following a new outbreak in a major wholesale market in the south of the region.

After successfully managing flare-ups in the capital, Xinjiang and elsewhere. China has not registered any new locally transmitted cases on the mainland for five days. Experts believe the secret to the country’s success in containing the disease. It has been the strict implementation of local laws like wearing masks, mandatory home quarantine and engaging in mass testing.

For Aug. 20, authorities reported 22 cases imported into the mainland and closed their borders with most non-Chinese citizens. Since the outbreak began the country has reported a total of 84,917 cases.

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