Best Practices for Informatica and Process of Business Development

So, for many years, developers focus on working for the best practices framework. Hence, when we talk about best practices for Informatica, there are few norms in the process. Whether it can be coding or implementation of different codes or supporting the developer with efficient codes. So, to follow the best practice, it involves steps like tool functionality, development methodology and coding. These help in the development process of Informatica.

Best Practices of Informatica

  • Firstly, all descriptions and comments need to be approved
  • All codes must be built-in with ETL tool features. They help to comment on the transformation.
  • With the help of good annotation, any code can be easily interpreted.
  • Standing naming conventions is the ideal methodology.
  • Readability is the necessity as it helps the ETL process to ensure naming conventions adheres after the creation.
  • ETL rules are created in different scenarios with logical reasoning.
  • Improved Lookups and removal of unused ports is the best practice of Informatica.
  • Working on different strategies
  • Simplification of router logic
  • Minimizing the router group or logic amount
  • Router logic helps for results related to Boolean output improving support

Every organization has different needs and methods to grow their business. So, creating their own business best practices for development norms help is part of Informatica. Adhering to these standards help the developers and the overall ETL process to increase. Informatica is the easiest tool to use. It includes a simple visual interface which is also a similar feature in visual basic. The best feature is the drag and drop option. This is for all objects and helps in designing the process flow along with the transformation. This process flow is mapping. Once the mapping executes, the Informatica server fetches the data schedules to run from all the sources.


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