Boris Johnson to Hold First Cabinet Meeting, Reshuffle on the Way

After the conservatives’ general election victory, Boris Johnson the PM of UK is gearing up for his first major cabinet meeting along with senior ministers.

Boris Johnson is stated to make a number of changes as a part of his first cabinet meeting over the net 24 hours.

Geoffrey Cox, Prosecution Attorney General, says he doesn’t mind if he is moved. In addition, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said, the cabinet reshuffle is often harsh but he plans to stay in his place.

Boris Johnson became the Prime Minister in July 2019. Most of the cabinet has stayed in their jobs.

After the UK left the EU on Jan 31, most of the PM’s cabinet is same. This system follows from Johnson’s victory in December. Senior members like Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, Chancellor Sajid Javid and Home Secretary Priti Patel will remain in there post. However, remaining members might lose their post.

There are chances of changes under junior ministerial level i.e parliamentary undersecretaries of state. There is 50/50 gender balance promoting more female leaders and talent. Hence, most 60% of women leaders will be part of parliamentary private secretaries.

The cabinet reshuffle is a crucial time. Hence, the ministry orders all ministers to cancel all there engagements and available to take PM’s call.


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