British Airway Flight Utilizes Storm Ciara, Sets Flight Record

Storm Ciara gets the name of worst storm ever as it hits UK and Europe after seven years. The storm has led to huge destruction, power cuts and transport facility getting effected. But one airline has utilised this opportunity and set a record. A British Airway flight sets a shocking record time by travelling from New York to Heathrow Airport in just 4 hours and 56 minutes. The flight speed was 1290 km per hour. The flight utilised the strong tailwinds and covered the journey in the shortest time.

As per the flight tracker data, the British Airways Boeing 747 departed from JFK airport and reached Heathrow by 11:20 pm.

Following British Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airbus A350 landed moments after BA. The next plane which landed was the Virgin Airlines at 5.12 am. Both BA and VA broke the previous record travelling from New York to London compared to the Norway Airlines. Previously, in Jan 2018, the airlines reached London Gatwick from JFK in 5 hours 13 minutes.

However, few US flights were delayed due to heavy winds travelling to the US East Coast. It took more than 2 hours to reach.

Warning about the impact of the storm, forecasters sad that the storm impact will be throughout the UK. Also, the rainfall will be double from the actual amount in a month.

Adding to that the UK Met Officers warned people about the danger of lives due to huge waves, flying debris and flooded roads.

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