British Airways to Reportedly Suspend 36,000 Employees

British Airways is scheduled to report the suspension of some 36,000 workers. The airline, which had grounded most of its fleet because of the coronavirus outbreak, has been negotiating for more than a week with the Unite Union. The deal means that up to 80 per cent of BA cabin crew, ground workers, engineers and those working at headquarters will be removed from their employment, but no workforce is likely to be redundant.

The decision would impact both Gatwick and London City Airport employees after the airline has stopped operations at both sites until the crisis is over. Those affected are required to earn some of their salaries from the government’s coronavirus work protection program, which provides a maximum of £ 2,500 a month to cover 80 per cent of someone’s income.

Unite union is believed to have been pressing for better salaries for workers. BA has also signed a new agreement with its pilots, who will take on two months of a 50 per cent pay cut. International Airlines Group (IAG) the parent company of BA is in a stronger financial position than some of its rivals. In recent years, the group’s making good profits.

Virgin Atlantic Workers Job Stopped

But the airline’s expected decision to cancel such a large number of staff. It provides a sense as to how hard UK aviation was hit by travel bans. It intended to curb the spread of the pandemic. Airlines have haemorrhaged cash with potentially postponed bookings for the near future.

The International Air Transport Association predicts airlines. It is to run up nearly $40bn (£ 32.3bn) in losses in the next three months. The said airlines were rapidly burning through their cash reserves. It is primarily because of the multi-billion-pound cost of refunding cancelled flights tickets. Many Virgin Atlantic workers have had their jobs stopped. It is for two months and Easyjet crews have been out of work for three months.

British Airways has run repatriation flights from the government. It is this week to get hundreds of British citizens home from Peru after the country went into lockdown. This is one of the UK-based airlines that has decided in the coming weeks. This is to take out more repatriation flights as hundreds of thousands of people. They are still stranded in other parts of the world.

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