California Temporarily Prohibits Singing and Chanting at Worship Places

You can’t pray in California though you can also attend church services. In a shocking decision due to coronavirus, the State has temporarily prohibited singing and chanting at worship places to prevent a rapidly worsening pandemic.

There were over 24,000 cases of coronavirus in California. On Tuesday, 6,367 cases were announced, the second-highest state level since the pandemic began. Gov. Gavin Newsom has been encouraged to tighten restrictions. According to state statistics, COVID patients account for approximately 30% of all hospitalizations. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, singing at programs has proved to be a way to transmit a virus. The agency studied how coronavirus in a Washington choral practice spread between one member and 87% of the singers, and reported in a report:

While it strongly suggests that places of worship continue to use by the California Department of Public Health. It is for remote services, individual services actually allow in California, where appropriate steps take place. Among the current protocols, all churches must restrict their participation. It is to 25% or a maximum of 100 members, says the order.

Even briefly discontinued were the plates and similar items that pass between people at places of worship.

In COVID-19 cases over the past week, California witnessed a 20% rise. On Thursday, 9352 confirm COVID-19 cases register by the Golden State. After the pandemic started, California has almost 250. Thousand cases of coronavirus, with only New York reporting more than 420,000 cases.

So, Gov Gavin, California has reversed this week’s reopening proposal with closure in 19 counties. It is for a three-week duration of bars, wineries, museums, film theatres, and indoor-restaurants.


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