Cambridge University Starts Clinical Trials for COVID Vaccine

Cambridge University plans to begin clinical trials of its potential coronavirus vaccine in the fall. So, it is after securing 1,9 million pounds of funding from the British government.

Thus, the university said on Wednesday. So, the scientists behind the vaccine said their strategy, which uses genetic sequences. Also, of all recognized coronaviruses to refine the immune response. So, may help prevent the adverse effects of a hyperinflammatory immune response.

So, no vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Also, has yet been clinically proven to be effective. So, although 30 that use a range of technologies are already in human trials. DIOS-CoVax2. Thus, the Cambridge University candidate is DNA based. Thus, synthetic genes encode computer-generated antigen complexes. So, thus can reprogram the body’s immune system to create antibodies against the coronavirus.

So, through early-stage trials, this DNA vector approach shows to safe and effective. Thus, through inducing an immune response in other pathogens, the university said. Also, because it occurs at a later time than some other candidates for the vaccine. So, the DIOS-CoVax2 shot does not need to be kept at cold temperatures. Also, administer without needles, potentially making it easier for the vaccine to distribute widely.

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