Canadian Coffee Chains Offer to Prince Harry and his Wife Meghan

So, the online uproar has been met by a Canadian coffee chain that gave disenchanted British royals Prince Harry and his wife Meghan free coffee for life after moving to Canada.

Also, the comment came with a tongue-in-cheek tweet posted on Wednesday by Tim Hortons — synonymous with Canadian coffee chain— saying: “No pressure, Meghan and Harry, but if you choose to move to Canada, free coffee for life.

The offer proved to be difficult for Canadians to swallow offended by the history of labor relations in the chain. Canadian media reported that a Winnipeg-based Tim Hortons franchise locked out unionized workers who demanded pay increases.

Harry and Meghan said in a surprise announcement on Wednesday states that they will step back as senior members of the royal family. Also, added that they need to spend more time in North America, where Meghan lived for a few years while shooting the television series “Suits.”

One Twitter user observed that the royals “can afford to buy the company. The workers can’t afford the rent.”

A Quebec observer commented: “Y’know, the company that cuts minimum wage break times for staff. Offers free coffee to royal family members.”

“No pressure, Tim Hortons, but you’ll stop losing customers. This is if you use that money for free lifetime coffee for Meghan and Harry.

“Stop nickel and diming your employees into a strike over 10 cents an hour,” said a Twitter user. He owns a the handle “Oooh, Canada!”

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