Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Announces Paid Sick Leave to All Workers

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau states his government is aiming to give all workers at least ten days of paid sick leave every year as Canada starts planning for a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As of Monday, more than 85,000 coronavirus cases and 6,545 related deaths have been recorded in Canada. Sick leave is typically a provincial authority for those infected which complicates the national effort. Trudeau said it would be difficult to put in place the structures required for a national paid sick leave plan, but his government and the provinces are willing to try.

Canada’s top doctor repeated Monday ‘s statement that a second outbreak of the virus could be any worse. It is the first and urged public health authorities to develop testing capacity. Also, hospital beds and protective equipment to prepare.

Trudeau revealed last week that the border with the United States will continue to be closed. It is until at least June 21 in hopes of managing the spread of the virus into the country. Trudeau calls the border, which is close since 21 March. It is a strong example of Canada’s “vulnerability.” The ban on international travellers and the quarantine of Canadians returning. It is the only thing which has allowed Canada to manage its first coronavirus wave, Tam said.

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