Carlos Ghosn Charged for Financial Misconduct by Nissan

Japanese car giant Nissan’s former chairman Carlos Ghosn is apparently in trouble. The company has filed a lawsuit against him to reclaim around 10 billion yen($90 million) for years of fraudulent activity and misconduct.

Carlos Ghosn (65) has faced multiple charges for financial misconduct. But before the trial could begin, he fled to Lebanon denying all accusations.

As per Nissan, all damages calculated as per Ghosn’s corrupt practices in the firm.

As per the company, the amount is likely to rise. Also, Ghosn might get sued for his groundless and defamatory remarks on the company during his briefing to the Lebanon media.

Ghosn has previously saved Nissan from the brink of bankruptcy. Presently, he is facing a trial in Japan with a list of allegation including his compensation under-reporting to the tune of around $85 million. He was arrested in 2018 and spent 100 days in detention in Japan. Later after coming out on bail in Tokyo, he left for Lebanon.

As per him, Nissan filed a lawsuit against him because as he tried to bring the company closer to French partner Renault. This was part of a three-way partnership with Mitsubishi Motors.

However, Mr Ghosn’s spokesperson was not available for comment. Mr Ghosn further denied all charges filled on him.


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