Cecily Aguilar Charged with First Degree Murder of a Texas Soldier

A woman was accused of helping to dismember and bury a missing Texas soldier whose body is accused by prosecutors. Cecily Aguilar, 22, faces a count of conspiracy to tame the loss of the private Vanessa Guillen first class. Ms Guillen, 20, was last seen on April 22 at Fort Hood Military Base in which she worked. Human remains believed to have been found in Bell County previously this week.

Fort Hood officials labelled 20-year-old Aaron David Robinson as the main suspect in Miss Guillen ‘s disappearance on Thursday. Detectives said the suspect, a junior soldier at Fort Hood, had killed himself as the police shut him down after fleeing his post on Tuesday.

Ms Guillen ‘s family had also called for a federal probe of the Fort Hood base. They insinuate that Ms Guillen had been bullied by someone inside of her unit, but officials said they would have no report indicating that she’d been sexually harassed or assaulted. The Texas state lawmaker who worked with Ms Guillen ‘s family told reporters last week that army officials suspected “foul play” in the case. A court filing against Ms Aguilar says that Mr Robinson told her he had murdered a female soldier in Fort Hood.

Ms Guillen’s Death Investigation

He confessed to bludgeoning Ms Guillen to death with a hammer in the base ‘s armour before moving her body to a remote location, prosecutors said. Within a week of her disappearance, around noon on 22 April, Ms Guillen’s car and barracks keys, ID card and wallet were found in the armoured room. Mr Robinson allegedly tried to dispose of Mrs. Guillen ‘s body by enlisting the help of Mrs Aguilar, who is the ex-soldier ‘s wife at the base.

When Mr Robinson showed the body to Ms Aguilar, she recognized. It was Ms Guillen’s, according to the criminal complaint. The prosecutors said the pair tried to dismember the body. It is with a “machete-type knife” before burying the remains in three holes. Later, they brought back to fill the holes with concrete, the prosecutors said. Ms Aguilar has been held in custody as the criminal investigation keeps going. If convicted, Aguilar can face a 20-year prison sentence. The remains have not yet been positively identified as Mrs Guillen’s.

Criminal Investigation Command officers from the U.S Army, Texas Rangers. Also, FBI, and local police discover the remains near the Leon River, 48 km (30 miles) from Fort Hood.

Ms Guillen is a small-arm repairer with the 3rd Cavalry Regiment. She was originally from Houston, Texas — about 200 miles (320 km) from Fort Hood. She was encouraged to Specialist on Wednesday because of her time in the military, the Fort Hood officials said.

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