China Against United States Companies “Theft” Of TikTok

China won’t recognize a Chinese technology company’s “theft” and will react to Washington’s attempt to force ByteDance to sell Microsoft’s US short-video device operations to TikTok, the China Daily newspaper said on Tuesday. The “bullying” of Chinese tech firms by the United States as a result of Washington’s “American First” zero-sum dream and left China with no choice but “submission or mortal combat in the tech domain,” the state-backed paper said in an editorial.

Microsoft Corp said it was in negotiations with ByteDance Monday after U.S. purchasing parts of TikTok. President Donald Trump changed the course on a national security proposal. It is to block the device and gave the companies 45 days to reach a deal. A.S State Secretary Mike Pompeo said during the weekend that Trump will shortly take action. It is against Chinese tech firms sharing user data with the Chinese Government.

The Global Times newspaper, which is also sponsored by the government, said the U.S. treatment of ByteDance and Huawei Technologies. It is now on a U.S. trade blacklist, was reflective of U.S attempts to isolate their economy. It is from that of China. China had a “small ability” to defend these Chinese firms. Thus, by retaliating against U.S. firms because the U.S. had technical dominance and leverage with its allies, it added. The Global Times publish in The People’s Daily, China’s ruling Communist Party’s official newspaper.

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