China Gets Attacked by SARS Virus, Death Roll Sprang to 291

According to authorities, the number of people in China infected with a new SARS-like virus sprang to 291 on Tuesday. There have been nearly 80 new confirmed cases of the virus that have killed four people so far, with more than 900 still under medical survey, the National Health Commission said.

The new confirmed cases are mostly in Hubei province where the epicenter of the outbreak has been identified as a seafood market in the capital city of Wuhan. The statement did not confirm whether the new cases are in Wuhan or any other provincial city. There are five cases in Beijing, 14 in Guangdong southern province and two in Shanghai, the commission states.

It adds that in 14 other provinces and regions across China, including the northeastern province of Jilin, eastern Zhejiang and southern Hainan, more than 50 suspect cases are under observation. Countries throughout Asia have ramped up measures to block the spread of the new virus that can be transmitted among humans, raising fears of a massive outbreak during the coming major holiday travel rush.

A World Health Organization (WHO) doctor states it is not shocking if “some human-to-human transmission is restricts. This is especially true for families with close contact with each other.”

WHO Talks About China SARS Attack

WHO said Thursday that “much remains to be learned about the new coronavirus.”

It is not fully to “draw definitive conclusions about how it’s delivery,” a statement adds. The Wuhan health commission said one diagnosed man worked on the wholesale market for Huanan Seafood. His partner, who had the virus too, recorded “no history of exposure” at the plant.

The Thailand woman hasn’t visited the seafood market, WHO said on Tuesday. She’d officially been in stable condition earlier this week. The Japanese nurse, released from hospital, not in the market either. Japanese officials have said the man is in Wuhan. That time, he comes into contact with a virus guy.




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