Chinese City Bans the Sale and Consumption of Dog and Cat Meat

Shenzhen is the first Chinese city to prohibit the dog and cat meat sales and consumption. It comes after the coronavirus epidemic has been related to wild meat, leading Chinese authorities to ban wildlife trade and consumption. Shenzhen has gone a step further and extended the ban to dogs and cats. The new law takes effect on 1 May.

Thirty million dogs are slaughtered for meat every year across Asia, Humane Society International (HSI) estimates. The tradition of consuming dog meat in China is not that popular though-most people in China had never done so and say they don’t want to. Animal advocacy organisation HSI praised the move.

However, China authorized the use of bear bile for treating patients with coronavirus, at the same time as this ruling. Bear bile-a digestive fluid drains from captive living animals use in traditional Chinese medicine for many years. ursodeoxycholic acid is the active ingredient use to kill gallstones and treat liver disease. But there is no evidence that the coronavirus is successful, and the phase is painful and disturbing for the animals.

Coronavirus Creates Havoc Worldwide Along with Chinese City

Chinese authorities banned wild animals from trade and consumption in February. The move came after it emerged that the starting point for the outbreak. It is of the new coronavirus may have been a market in Wuhan selling wild animals and wildlife products. It offers the means for the virus to spread from animals to humans. News of this led to a strong crackdown by the Chinese government on the trade and markets that sold these goods.

According to a Johns Hopkins University tally, there is now nearly one million report cases. This is of the virus worldwide and more than 47,000 deaths. There is 81,589 confirme cases in China alone and 3,318 deaths, the National Health Commission has said. Researchers and scientists are also no closer to figuring out. This is what is the root of the virus and how it might have spread to humans.

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