Chinese City on Lockdown with 500 Confirmed Virus Cases

A second Chinese city will go into lock down in an attempt to control the spread of a new virus that has left the country 17 dead. Authorities have suspended aircraft and trains in and out of Wuhan-a town of 11 million people-as well as all public transportation within the region. Similar measures will take effect from midnight on in neighboring Huanggang, a town of over seven million.

There are over 500 confirmed Virus cases that have spread abroad. It is assumed that the new strain of corona virus originated at a market in Wuhan. One town resident said the atmosphere felt as “the end of the world.” The shutdown comes as millions of Chinese people for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday travel across the world.

Another Wuhan resident said they were on the “axis of tears” when they learned of the closures on social media site Weibo. Wuhan’s shutdown of public transport entered into force at 10:00 local time (02:00 GMT), leaving usually busy train stations and airports quiet. Health authorities reportedly made it mandatory to wear a mask in the region. They advise people to avoid crowds and public rallies.

Wuhan City Lock Down, Public Transport Stops

There has been growing demand for rubber gloves and surgical masks. Chinese online retail giant Taobao has warned sellers not to take advantage of the outbreak by raising prices. Hours after Wuhan’s lock down came into force, Huanggang officials-east of Wuhan-announced a midnight suspension of the city’s bus and rail network, and urged people not to leave the city. In both cities, shops, cinemas, theatres, and exhibits shut down.

Ezhou-a Chinese city of over a million people just south of Huanggang-has announced that it has shut down its train stations. So far, all the deaths have been in Hubei province, the capital of which is Wuhan. Most of the 17 victims age and suffering from other chronic diseases including diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. Now, the virus spreads at an alarming rate. Thousands of patients crowded the clinics, waiting hours to see a doctor-you can imagine their fear.

Wuhan is typically a great place to live. We are proud of our work-specialists here have built a guide for diagnosis and treatment of corona virus. But I am afraid this is a new virus and the figures are worrying. We told, two days ago, not to go to work due to the risk of contamination. We’re require to wear masks if we leave our home on the hospital campus. We do not want our two-year-old son to be brought outside. He’s sleeping now and we’re trying to protect him as much as we can-hand-washing, cleaning the apartment, avoiding people touch.




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