Chinese Government Under Pressure, Coronavirus Kills 900 People

According to the latest updates from the Chinese government, the death toll due to coronavirus rose to 900. Despite WHO announced the outbreak is stabilizing, the current death toll has overtaken the SARS epidemic count from 2002-2003.

The 91 new deaths were reported in Hubei. Through SARS the death toll was 774 but apparently coronavirus has broken the record.

WHO said in the latest report that the situation is stabilising, but warned the count can shoot up. The count for those infected has gone up to 39,800 people. Due to the daily updates, the Chinese government has lots of pressure and are facing public anger. Despite locking down the whole city, the public is furious especially after the whistleblowing doctor lost his life due to the virus.

The financial hub Shanghai has asked all employees who are coming back to work to wear masks. Nevertheless, most of the employees are under lockdown from the extended Lunar New Year holiday.

WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme head, Michael Ryan states that the outbreak is in a stable period and might reflect the measures to control it.

WHO Launches Mission to Suppress Coronavirus

Apart from that, the WHO has launched a special mission called “international expert mission”. This announcement is by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the agency’s director-general on Twitter. A veteran of previous health emergencies, Bruce Aylward leads the mission.

For all businesses fighting the epidemic, China’s central bank assures to make 300 billion yuan ($43 billion) available as a part of special loans.

While WHO praised China for taking necessary measures during SARS outbreak, on the other hand, the country received international condemnation for covering up cases.

Unable to accommodate the patients infected with coronavirus, Wuhan converted public buildings into makeshift medical centers. The authorities also built two new field hospitals with more than 1600 beds.

One of the Wuhan residents, Chen Yiping told about her 61-year-old mother. She has been detected with severe symptoms and is still waiting for a hospital bed.




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