Chinese President Xi Jinping Warns Officials from Controlling the Virus

In a new statement, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned all top officials to stop controlling the spread of coronavirus, as it could threaten the country’s economy. His statement came days after Beijing stopped measures to control the outbreak.

Due to the epidemic outbreak, China’s leaders are trying to strike a balance between the economy and the deadly virus. According to the latest update, the death toll reached to 1011 and more than 40,000 people getting infected.

During his Politburo’s Standing Committee on Feb 3, Xi Jinping states on how actions to control the virus is affecting the economy. This is after the NDRC report and other economic departments review by the President. Two members are anonymous states that more restrictive measures need to refrain.

Local authorities have shut down schools and factories, sealed roads, railways, banned all public events, and complete lockdown of residential compounds. These steps are not practical and fear has started among the public due to those measures, Xi Jinping states.

However, China’s state council information did not respond to the request for comment on the issue.

Central Bank Focus on Economic Growth

Due to the meeting, China’s central bank vowed to support the economy and prepare policy tools to prevent damage. At a weekend briefing, NDRC urged its employees to return to work in companies and factories especially in industries like food and pharmaceuticals.

An economic powerhouse in eastern China in Zhejiang province asked authorities not to restrict everyday movement or shut down shops or stores. They asked the province not to overreact. With the closure of stores or shops which sell daily necessities, it will affect the normal lifestyle.

On all industries hit heavily due to the epidemic, China has new policies for them to reduce burden. Further, China’s policymakers are working on measures like more fiscal spending, interest rate cuts etc. These measures discuss despite the outbreak devastated the first-quarter growth.

Many people returned to work despite the outbreak after the long Lunar New Year holiday. Many public means of transport were less crowded as many factories remained shut down.

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