Christina Koch Returns to ISS with 328 Space Stay Record

So, Christina Koch, an astronaut return back to ISS (International Space Station) on Thursday. Also, she was accompanied by Luca Parmitano, ESA astronaut and Alexander Skvortsov, a Russian cosmonaut. Further, the trio boards Soyuz capsule at around 12:50 AM EST and lands safely at 4:12 AM EST (3:12 PM local time) in Kazakhstan.

Christina Koch has officially set a record of second US astronaut who stayed for consecutive 328 days at the space. On the first place is Scott Kelley, who stayed for consecutive 340 days in the space. She is officially the longest stay woman worldwide. Her fellow astronaut Peggy Whitson’s created the record of staying in the space for 289 days.

As per NASA notes, Koch toured Earth’s 5,248 orbits, travelling a distance of 139 million miles. She also compleated six spacewalks by staying outside the station. Her spacewalk is the first-ever involving all women with Jessica Meir, her fellow astronaut and two other all-women spacewalks.

Koch and Meir land safely ISS. Further, all necessary medical common checks will be conducted to both astronauts. Koch’s science mission includes research on the longest duration a spaceflight trips te solar system. It also includes Moon and Mars under the agency’s Artemis program.


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