Colin Powell Confirms to Vote for Joe Biden in Upcoming 2020 Presidential Election

Colin Powell, Former Republican Secretary of State said on Sunday that he will vote for Democrat Joe Biden in the upcoming 2020 presidential election, again choosing not to vote for President Donald Trump.

In 2016 the retired general voted for Trump’s Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, and hacked emails released in September of that year had shown Powell highly criticizing Trump, labelling him as a national embarrassment and an international pariah.

Asked by Tapper if he was going to campaign for Biden, Powell said he wasn’t asked to do so and he doesn’t think he’ll be.

The former diplomat spoke on the recent incident on Sunday. He states that it is proof of increasing resistance to his presidency. It is due to the continuing and widespread demonstrations over the police killing of George Floyd, a Minneapolis black man. Also, Trump’s strongman response to the national unrest are

Following the interview, Trump quickly lashed out on Twitter. He calls Powell “a real stiff” and Biden “another stiff.”

Powell was also attacked by the President for his role in presenting the U.S. case. It is against Iraq to the UN in 2003. Biden is the presumed Democratic nominee since the fall of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders from the race in April, has earned enough delegates. It is to officially secure the nomination of the party, CNN projected on Saturday.

His main victory came after such a win in Guam on Saturday. It enables him to surpass the 1,991 delegates needing to claim the nomination. It is on the party’s first convention ballot in August. Biden actually holds 1,992 delegates, according to a tally from CNN.

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