Coronavirus Death Toll Rises to 563, Officials Try to Find Beds for Infected Patients

Due to the increase of coronavirus death toll to 563, China officials try to find beds for the newly infected patients on Thursday.

The nationwide count increased to 28,000 leading to WHO announcing global emergency. More than 24 countries report with coronavirus.

Previously, on Thursday, the officials quarantined a cruise ship and checked thousands of passengers in Asia, for testing the virus. The test reveals 20 new people infected with the deadly virus.

Further, due to the outbreak, Wuhan city is going to start a second field hospital with 1600 beds. Earlier, a field hospital with 1000 beds opens for admitting all patients.

Hu Lishan, a senior official in Wuhan reports a lack of beds due to 11 billion patient count. Out of this, 8,182 patients got hospitalize in 28 hospitals. As the hospitals got filled, officials turned gyms and other buildings to hospitals placing more beds. He also informed the shortage of medical equipment.

A genome sequencing company, BGI Group, based in southern China, states to open a lab in Wuhan to test nearly 10,000 people per day for the coronavirus.

Every affected country has also imposed a travel ban and alerted all officials to do a thorough test for passengers travelling from China. Also, those with symptoms are in detention centers to control the virus from spreading.



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