Coronavirus Infection Across America Will “Sort of Just Disappear”: Trump

US President Donald Trump has indicated that amid record-high levels of Coronavirus Infection across America will “sort of just disappear.” In an interview with Fox Business at the White House, the president expressed his confidence that he had kept on for most of the year.

It’s not the first time he has made a claim like this. He ‘d made a strikingly similar comment in February.

He compared the disease to the “sniffles” at the time and said that hot weather would kill the virus. In the US it’s summer at the moment. The U.S. today announced the highest daily number of new cases of COVID-19 with 53,000. Cases are surging throughout the US, especially in the Texas, Florida, Arizona and California states. Just a few large centres of the population including New York, Boston and Washington, DC are currently in decline. Chief epidemiologist Anthony Fauci of the United States government said it was entirely possible for America to see 100,000 new cases a day.

Trump’s Appeal to Top American Health Officials

Mr Trump, who by not wearing a mask in public has defied the alerts and appeals of top American health officials, appears to have softened on the matter.

The Lone Ranger was a 1940s cowboy-themed radio and television serial when Mr Trump was a child. The show’s main character wore a mask over his head, and not his mouth and nose. Mr Trump has previously declined to wear a mask to prevent coronavirus from spreading. A factory that manufactures medical supplies had to throw out the inventory for a whole day because Mr Trump declined to put on a mask during his visit.

He has also criticized Joe Biden, his election rival, for wearing a mask. Mr Trump’s refusal to wear masks is now eliciting criticism from his own party leaders. Senator Lamar Alexander has called for the president to wear one in public.

So, and over 2.6 million Americans contract coronavirus and almost 130,000 died.

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