Coronavirus Puts Business at Stake, Airlines Suspends all Flights

With the detection of 5 coronavirus cases in the US, British Airways has suspended all its flights flying to and from China.

“We have suspended all flights to and from mainland China with immediate effect following advice from the (UK) Foreign Office against all but essential travel,” BA said in a brief statement.

“We apologise to customers for the inconvenience, but the safety of our customers and crew is always our priority,” it added.

All the British Airways flights fly daily from London’s Heathrow airport to Shanghai and Beijing.

Due to the outbreak, Russia’s Urals Airlines announced suspending some services flying to Europe. the reason is of Europe being popular for Chinese tourists. Along with this, Paris and Rome have been on high alert. Also, this led to British Airways taking the decision. Almost 130 have been killed and 15 countries have been infected by coronavirus.

Passengers Suffer as Airlines Stop Providing Hot Meals

Following British Airways announcement, Taiwan’s China Airlines requested all passengers to bring their own bottles to prevent personal contact.

Due to which, all passengers survived without a hot meal, blanket, pillows, towels, magazines and newspaper. On Monday, China and Mandarin Airlines stopped serving hot food and replaced tablecloths and napkins with paper towels.

“The seatback pocket will only contain the aircraft safety card and sick bag,” said Tigerair Taiwan, also a member of China Airline group, adding duty-free sales are also not available.

On high-risk destinations and inside cabin and cockpit, all flights are being spray-disinfecting.

“Because we have in-flight entertainment which means the LCD screens are being touched all the time, so we deep cleanse every flight before departure,” an executive told a news conference on Tuesday.

“Where are all the passengers on board? I think all the passengers are supposed to be kept and be monitored for one week,” social media user John Honesty posted on Facebook.

“I suggest stopping all flight from China for at list 30 to 60 days. That will not kill the economy. The life of the public is more important now than the so-called economy.”

Thailand has become the second-worst hit country with coronavirus outside of China. Identically, it is the top destination for Chinese tourists and had 11 million tourists last year.

Airlines Suspend Flights

The crew of Singapore Airlines and Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd have been asked to wear a mask. Also, in all departures to China, all flight attendants have been provided with hand sanitiser wipes in American Airlines. But some of the airlines are taking even drastic step with flight cancellations.

Among those airlines which suspended the flights were South Korean budget carrier. This was due to the concern of the passengers about the virus.

Apart from this, United Airlines Holdings Inc decides to suspend 24 US flights. All are flying to Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai between February 1 and February 8.




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