Coronavirus Take 636 Lives, Infects 30,000 Citizens

The death toll due to the deadly coronavirus in China has increased to 636 and with 30000 infected, the government confirmed. The National Health Commission gave the daily update by adding 73 new death reports due to the outbreak. Also, infect count increases with 3,143 new cases. Further, in the past 24 hours, Hubei has reported 69 deaths. Moreover, 4,800 infected people’s condition is critical, the government state.

Despite the continuous efforts by the Chinese authorities to control the Coronavirus from spreading is showing no result. Millions of people stuck in there houses and hospitals struggling to accommodate the patients due to lack of beds and medical facilities.

According to the authorities, the death toll and those infected might keep increasing. They suspect more than 26000 people being infected.


Coronavirus Infects 61 Passengers of Cruise Ship

Apart from this, Katsunobu Kato, Japan’s health minister confirmed that out of all the passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, 41 people have been infected and tested positive. Katsunobu Kato states that the new cases have rises the toll to 61 in the cruise ship.

Previously, the Japanese authorities quarantined the passengers and conducted a thorough test to find those infected. There are 3700 passengers on board. So far officials test 273 people out of which 61 are positive.




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