Costa Rica Announces First Same-Sex Wedding

The first same-sex wedding was performed in Costa Rica, the first country in Central America to equalize its marriage law. A lesbian couple was the first to tie the knot in a wedding that took place at midnight soon after the new law came into force. The wedding broadcasted is on national television.

President Carlos Alvarado said the reform in the law meant that Costa Rica has now accepted the lesbian and gay rights that have always been deserved.

The first ceremony for the same-sex marriage broadcast as the culmination of a three-hour equal marriage programme. Marriage equality came about until the constitutional court ruled in August 2018. It is a ban was illegal and unfair on same-sex weddings. Costa Rica’s parliament gives 18 months by the court to amend the legislation.

Enrique S├ínchez, the first openly gay Member of Costa Rica ‘s parliament. Also, supported the move and thanked those who had spent years campaigning. It is for lifting the same-sex marriage ban.

Same-sex marriage in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay. Also, some parts of Mexico is already possible. But Costa Rica is the very first country in Central America to legalize it. Some religious organizations had resisted the move and attempted to postpone the reform in the law by more than 20 lawmakers.

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