COVID-19 Cannot Transmit from Mother to Child: Study

As per the latest study published in the Lancet journal, the deadly coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) might not pass from a mother to the child during pregnancy. Or it might cause severe health problem in a newborn.

The women from the third trimester of pregnancy from Wuhan were analysed. They had pneumonia due to COVID-19. The researches add that there were two cases of foetal distress out of nine pregnancies. But all nine resulted in live births.

They also learned about those symptoms in pregnant women were same as those who are not pregnant. Also, no women got severe pneumonia or lost there life.

The team alerted that as per research a limited number of cases in a short period only include women who are pregnant and gave normal birth.

During the first or second month of pregnancy, the results of mothers being infected with the virus and the eventual outcomes for their children remain unknown and whether if the virus can be passed from mother to child in normal birth, they said.

The latest study arrives after news of a baby born to a COVID-19 positive mother within 36 hours of birth, which rais concerns on whether the virus transmits in the womb.

According to Professor Huixia Yang of Peking University First Hospital in China, existing studies on the effects of COVID-19 relate to the general population and there limits information on the virus in pregnant women.

Infected Mothers Show Pneumonia Signs

It reviewed the medical records of nine pregnant women with pneumonia caused by COVID-19 infection. Samples of amniotic fluid, cord blood, neonatal throat swabs and breast milk are from six out of nine cases, and coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) check for the severe acute respiratory syndrome. All of the mothers in the sample were 26-40 years old. None of them had underlying health problems, but from week 27 of her pregnancy one experienced gestational hypertension, and another developed pre-eclampsia at week 31, the researchers said.

All nine pregnancies to live births and they state there is no reports of neonatal asphyxia. Four women had complications of pregnancy. Out of that two have fetal distress and two had premature membrane rupture. Four women had premature labour. It is not related to their infection and after 36 weeks of gestation, this happens. Two of the prematurely born neonates give little birth weight, the study shows.

Researchers noted that their results are close. This is too severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) virus reports in pregnant women. This is where there was no evidence of mother-to-child transmission of the virus during pregnancy or birth. Researchers also noted that the research would require potential follow-up of the women and children. This is to assess long-term safety and health.

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