COVID-19 Pandemic Likely to Worsen: Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump said the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to worsen before it improves but insists that producing a vaccine is a “top priority” during his first briefing since April at the White House.

And the president encouraged Americans after weeks of not wearing a face mask to continue wearing them.

Mr Trump’s return to briefings came as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the US grew on Tuesday to over 3.8 million. Unlike Trump’s press conferences held earlier this year, Dr Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease specialist of the U.S. government was noticeably absent from the briefings. He has told CNN that he has not been invited. Mr Trump said the US is working with China to create an effective vaccine.

A Chinese company-developed coronavirus vaccine reportedly shows. It promises early test results and has joined the global race to develop the first effective pandemic vaccine. Mr Trump said it will soon be a good one.

The Trump administration scathing about Beijing’s COVID management-which broke out in Wuhan ‘s Chinese region. Mr Trump has called it a “China virus.” Mr Trump also indicated that funding for the coronavirus research would expand.

COVID vaccines have been under trial and universities are conducting human trials.

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