Cruise Ship Passengers Evacuated in Japan, Coronavirus Tests Conducted

Around 3500 people quarantine from a cruise ship and test for coronavirus on Tuesday. The move comes when an 80-year-old passenger in Hong Kong was tested positive for the virus.

All the evacuation officers in footage enter the Diamond Princess cruise ship at Yokohama port on Monday evening. All the 2500 passengers and 1000 crew members test for the virus.

Yoshihide Suga, Japan’s top government spokesman spoke on Monday. He states that the vessel is quarantine after arriving at Yokohama Bay a day earlier.

A woman passenger who is travelling along with her mother told private broadcaster TBS about the evacuation. She adds that all the passengers need to stay inside there rooms to wait for the test. Once the ship reaches the port, all passengers told about the delay in departure by 24 hours.

The cruise ship previously evacuates at Naha port in Japan’s southernmost prefecture of Okinawa.

From Feb 1, Japan has barred any foreign national from Hubei to enter. Also, those detected with symptoms were also denied. Almost 8 foreign nationals stop from entering. The health minister states that 20 people test positive in Japan. Of which four people show no symptoms.

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