Danny Masterson Charged for Sexual Assault on Three Women

Danny Masterson, the actor known for ’70s Show, was charged with the rapes of three women in the early 2000s, prosecutors in Los Angeles said Wednesday. The three counts of rape by intimidation or fear come after the 44-year-old Masterson prosecutes for three years. The charges were filed on Tuesday, and late Wednesday morning Masterson was arrested, prison records revealed. After posting bond he was released a few hours later and is scheduled to be arraigned 18 September.

Masterson charges with raping a woman 23 in 2001, a woman 28 in early 2003 and a woman 23 in late 2003. He could face up to 45 years in jail if convicted. Prosecutors declined to file charges in two other Masterson cases reviewed by police, one due to insufficient proof and the other due to expiry of the statute of limitations.

Masterson ‘s lawyer Tom Mesereau states his client “is innocent, we ‘re confident he’ll exonerate once all the evidence eventually comes to light and witness accounts have the opportunity to testify.”

Masterson  is Married to Model Bijou Phillips

Since 2011, Masterson is in wedlock with actor and model Bijou Phillips. The alleged rapes occurred at the height of Masterson’s fame as he starred alongside Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis and Topher Grace on the retro sitcom That ’70s Show. From 1998 to 2006, the show aired on Fox TV and had a long lifespan in reruns.

He had reunited with Kutcher on the Netflix western sitcom The Ranch. It is when he reveals in March 2017 in the LAPD investigation. The news had no immediate repercussions on Masterson ‘s career. But he writes off the show later that year. It is after allegations against Harvey Weinstein shook the film industry.

Masterson criticized the environment in Hollywood that contributed to his loss of the job. Also claimed at the time that his high profile membership in the Church. It is of Scientology contributes to his persecution. Because police already were investigating him. Masterson ‘s case was not among those taken up by a task force to investigate sexual misconduct. It is in the entertainment industry forming by Jackie Lacey, the Los Angeles County attorney. In the two years of its life, the task force has failed to file charges. It is for more than 20 cases, accusing only Weinstein himself.

Prosecutors in Los Angeles have begun their attempts. It is to bring Weinstein to California to face allegations of rape and sexual harassment. He is in a New York prison. It is after prosecution earlier this year on similar charges. Masterson ‘s case stands out as just the second set of charges brought against a prominent Hollywood figure. It is by Los Angeles prosecutors in the # MeToo period.


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